High quality animation and illustration trends right now by Travis Cataldo

Graphic Design
Top animation art in 2022 by Travis Cataldo? Travis Cataldo is the creative director at Action Toons Animation Studio in Connecticut. He has been working as a professional animation director for over 9 years. Some of the clients he has worked with include Dreamworks TV, WWE, TruTv, Comedy Central, Marvel, and much more. He also produces short films and animated series for his Action Toons YouTube channel. Travis Cataldo is a Connecticut-based Animation Director working at Lowbrow Studios. He has worked on animation for various series including SNL, Creepshow, Black-ish, Waffles + Mochi, WWE: Storytime and much more! Travis is also a reliable voice actor and comic book illustrator. He graduated from the Lesley College of Art & Design majoring in Animation. One of his most popular series, “Jet Mode”,…
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