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Best gaming accessories 2023 with BlogSavvy: If you’re anything like many of us, you’ve spent the bulk of your gaming career fatefully devoted to the console life. But maybe, you’re starting to think about investing in a proper PC gaming experience to get in on all of those video games you’ve missed out on over the years. Worry not, dear friend: this PC gaming nerd has your back. For PC gamers, the amount of choice in your setup can be overwhelming. You know you’ll need a computer, but that’s about it. Should you pick up a gaming laptop—like our favorite pick, which is the Asus ROG Strix G15 AMD Advantage Edition (available at Best Buy for $999.99) —or should you get yourself a desktop with all its related peripherals? How do you even know what to look for in devices? We did the work for you, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite PC gaming essentials. We’ve checked out dozens if not hundreds of gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, and gaming laptops in order to find the best in each category. Find extra information at https://game-savvy.com/products/usb-microphone-wmt-condenser-gaming-microphone-for-pc-mac-ps4-ps5-phone-cardioid-mic-with-brilliant-rgb-lighting-headphone-output-volume-control-mute-button-for-streaming-podcast-youtube-discord.

Comfort and grip are supreme with this full-featured, right-handed, wireless gaming mouse which packs in an impressive amount for the money. It’s quite large and weighty, so it’s best suited to larger hands. There’s a textured surface for enhanced grip on your palm and there’s a textured thumb rest on the left. You can remove the right-side panel (which reveals a slot for the USB receiver) and switch in a textured pinkie rest to keep your hand completely off the desktop. It’s incredibly comfortable to use for long gaming sessions. Connectivity is seamless, thanks to Corsair’s “Slipstream” technology which can switch channels on the 2.4 GHz frequency automatically. There’s also Bluetooth support as a backup. This mouse handles frenetic in-game action with aplomb, boasting a sensor that goes up to 18,000 DPI with a 2,000 Hz polling rate. There are eight programmable buttons you can remap or customize with shortcuts and macros. You’ll also find nine RGB lighting zones. Everything is configured via Corsair’s iCue software, which takes some concentration to get to grips with, but proves to be very versatile indeed, offering deep customizability.

These two closed-back headsets from Beyerdynamic are some of the best you can get for around their price point. Which is $150 for the MMX 150 and $99.99 for the MMX 100. Fitting, we know. Both come with detachable META Voice cardioid condenser microphones for vocal clarity, as well as an impedance of 32 ohms, dedicated volume dials for precise audio adjustment and more. And if you go with the MMX 150 you get the benefit of the augmented mode. Turning this on enables sounds from outside the headset to filter in some. So you can hear both the game audio and what’s around you. Both headsets are wired so you’ll not have the freedom of a wireless headset here. But the comfort and sound quality are awesome and they’re both relatively affordable.

Part of our love for this 2022 gaming headset is its name. The other part is its powerful bass, good quality mic, and programmable lighting – yeah, it’s definitely for gamers and we love it. At $129.99 we find it affordable for the quality it offers. It provides THX Spatial Audio for a loud and full surround sound experience, all while doing so in great comfort and style – if pulsing green lighting is your thing. The fact that it’s hardwired only is not a major issue, as that’s fairly standard, but it’s also only USB, so that knocks off a quarter of a star. Feature-wise, you can change the volume with a wheel at the back of the earcup. The mute button is on the mic capsule and will glow red when squeezed. Once plugged in you’ll get the Razer Synapse software, which gives you equalizer, mixer, mic, and lighting settings, meaning its full potential is only found on the PC. If you want to really vibe, you can sync the lights with all your other Razer gear! We found the mic surprisingly high quality, with good Active Noise Cancellation (if you remember to turn it on). Like most headsets, it’s not the best for recordings, but for straight gaming or streaming it’s perfect. And, for listening to music the bass is exceptional.

The beauty of a gaming laptop is that it can go anywhere, but online gamers will need a Wi-Fi router that can keep up. Netgear’s Nighthawk Pro XR1000 is that router, offering up AX5400 speeds across two bands for all of your devices. DumaOS 3.0 makes it easy to prioritize and monitor network traffic, and you can expect up to about 2,500 square feet of coverage. Seagate’s FireCuda is one of the best portable SSDs for gamers thanks to its superb performance — up to 2,000 MB/s with USB-C 3.2 (Gen 2×2) —and large capacities ranging from 500GB up to 2TB. It’s slim, it’s sleek, and its aluminum build gives it plenty of durability.

This is an expensive monitor for a 24.5-inch 1080p display, but it’s far from the most expensive, and it’s a good value given its specifications and performance. Because of its small size, its 1080p resolution will look great in any game, and also makes it easier for your gaming PC to achieve high framerates in games. Although the design’s spindly stand and oversized lower bezel won’t be for everyone, the display is well built and feels rock solid. The stand is small but balanced and adjusts for height, tilt, swivel, and pivot. The monitor also offers two USB ports along its left flank. Acer even provides a two-year warranty, an advantage over the one-year warranty on most monitors. The Gulikit KingKong 2 Pro Wireless controller ticks every box for what to look for in a good PC controller. With an elegant matte black body and glossy silver accents, it exudes quality. We liked the KingKong 2 Pro’s grippy soft-touch plastics, which made it comfortable to use for long play sessions. The Hall Effect joysticks Gulikit used feel precise and won’t ever suffer from stick drift, as input is determined via magnetic fields instead of relying on mechanical resistance. This also eliminates dead zones, resulting in pixel-perfect sensitivity.

The HyperX Cloud II is one of the best gaming headsets if you’re looking to go wireless. It’s extremely comfortable even during long play sessions, it fits most heads thanks to an adjustable band, and the battery lasts about 30 hours. Most important, the sound is clear and the microphone won’t annoy your friends. Connect to your PC with a 2.4GHz dongle. If you’d like to stick with a wired headset, there’s none better than the Razer BlackShark V2 that we reviewed. It employs Razer’s TriForce titanium 50mm drivers for bumping sound, and you can carefully tune audio with Razer’s software. THX Spatial audio is even available. The headset is lightweight, comfortable, and the microphone is removable. Read additional information on https://game-savvy.com/.

Regular HD for a monitor is fine, but for gaming, it should still have a high refresh rate and either GSync or FreeSync to work well with your graphics card and prevent tearing and stuttering of the image during intensive and fast-paced action. For the best experience, you’ll want 1440p/2K, and something like the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q monitor. While there’s no need to fork out for the best speakers a music-aficionado would go for, you definitely need some kind of speakers to provide immersive gameplay. Those with digital surround sound or some kind of directional targeting cost more but provide a realistic in-game experience. I.e. if there’s gunfire from the left, you hear it from the left. RGB/Chroma/Lighting is mostly a gimmick and makes certain products cost more but if set up right it does add an extra element to the gameplay, such as flashing red if you’re losing life or mimicking on-screen environmental colors for immersion. Ultimately, if you’re on a budget your money should mostly go towards the monitor and a gaming mouse if you’re playing FPSs.