Seamless underwear wholesale manufacturer in China

Seam free shapewear manufacturer in China? As an ODM company & seamless underwear manufacturer, we can offer the much more flexible cooperation mode: you can choose the styles which have been researched and developed by us or we can design and redevelop based on your requirements. In addition, OEM mode is also welcomed here for seam free shapewear, seamless underwear. As a company with 6 production bases, we have the confidence to provide the best service for you. Read extra info at tengfei technology.

Nowadays, the pursuit of work-life balance, keeping healthy and active at all times is a new lifestyle pursued by young people.The sportswear developed by Tengfei Technology combines ergonomics and design aesthetics to give us the exclusive technology in clothing, making clothing more functional. Compression clothing series manufactured by Tengfei include multiple types. And the compression garments products shown below belong to this type.seamless activewear is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.Tengfei compression workout clothes has high production efficiency and strong production capacity. We can provide OEM/ODM services of seam free shapewear.

SKINFOAM is a new material technology developed by TENGFEI Technology since 2008, and it has been upgraded to 5+. Has invention-level manufacturing patents. It can be a perfect substitute for PU sponge cups and completely solve the problems of sponge deformation, hardening, collapse, yellowing, air tightness and other industry problems. It is widely used in women’s underwear mold cups, medical cotton, baby products, furniture, high-speed rail seats and other fields, and is favored by many underwear brands.

The success of the experiment, not only proved Tengfei’s strong strength, but also once again established Tengfei Technology’s position in the fiber cup raw material industry. It also opens the door to the field of SOLA . SOLA polymer fiber will become a new generation of raw materials used in the underwear industry. This also confirmed that the new era of fiber cup raw materials is about to start!

Basing on ultimate 4 way stretch elongation: Through SensElast 3D printing technology and redefinition of the blending ratio of nylon and ammonia fabrics (through 29 experiments and researches), we have successfully developed a new epoch of ultimate elongation fiber fabrics with elongation of more than 300% in vertical and horizontal direction, recovery of more than 91% in vertical and horizontal direction, and 360 degree elf shark without dead angle. Read even more info on