Meet Nontobeko Sibisi and some of her music journalist work

News and Media
The ascent of a arts journalist professional : Nontobeko Sibisi: Nontobeko Sibisi is a young South African media personality and creative entrepreneur who is passionate about African arts, culture, history, heritage and indigenous knowledge. When she’s not on-screen as a TV Talk Show Host on DSTV’s ‘Show Me Love’ or acting as Sheila on Mzansi favorite telenovela GOMORA, she’s working on her directorial film debut. Some may remember her as an arts and music journalist advocating for cultural diversity on broadcast news platforms that inspired a viral revolution #RespekTheDoek #DoekTheNewsroom #DoekForNonto raising a global conversation on cultural diversity and inclusivity in work spaces. Discover extra info on Nontobeko has since foundered her own brainchild Okay Sho! Media. A creative media production and virtual solutions company focusing on original African…
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Online Casinos
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